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About us

Founded and rooted in Hamburg -
Leadership experts throughout Germany and Europe.

Our culture

Since our foundation in 2003, we have been making executives - and thus companies - successful!

Due to our high specialization in the field of leadership, our team has a profound understanding of leadership and uses state-of-the-art concepts. You are the center of attention: As your service partner, we show an above-average service orientation in order to realize your wishes. With our many years of experience in various industries, we can quickly "dock on" to new customer worlds and are uncomplicated in our cooperation. To optimize your efficiency, we use modern agile as well as digital approaches. We are your reliable and trustworthy partner. Our communication takes place at eye level and we also live this principle internally. As change agents and innovators, we examine the existing with you against the background of the future. We always choose the methodology that best suits your needs. Whether classroom training, hybrid concept or e-learning, our experts are happy to support you in the selection and implementation.

Our beliefs

We believe that "good" leadership is not "soft skills" but "hard facts" for success!

We develop "good" and contemporary leadership based on direction, trust and appreciation!

We look at leadership in a systemic context, based on the culture of a company, the environment, but also the concrete requirements of the specific task!

We want to give leaders a lightness in their leadership mission!

Our team

Our job offers

Gestaltung am Tablet

Initiative application

If you would like to work with us, simply send us an unsolicited application. We are always on the lookout for talents.

Learn more

Supervisors for biofeedback training

We are looking for supervisors for a biofeedback training for the prevention of PTSD in civilian forces.

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