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Blended Learning/hr-horizonte Academy

Discover the benefits of blended learning - the innovative learning method that combines the best of online and classroom training! With our comprehensive blended learning platform - the hr-horizonte Academy, we can deliver training tailored to the needs of employees and your business.

The best of two worlds in perfect and efficient combination.


There are many different ways to design blended learning concepts. For us, the focus is on ensuring that the content harmonizes with the methodology. For example, use e-learning units to outsource input and thus make the following classroom training more experience-oriented. Or use post-training online coaching to support participants in their development over the long term. We will be happy to support you in the individual requirements analysis and subsequent training development in order to find the optimal combination of classroom training and online methods for you.

Systematize your leadership development with the right blended learning!

Integrate the various topics into a holistic concept that accompanies your managers. Do you have a development program that you would like to support with training? Then contact us and we will support you in finding the right mix of online and face-to-face.

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