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Our leadership coaching is specifically designed to help leaders recognize their strengths and realize their full potential. We offer customized solutions that are tailored to specific needs and individually provide all the tools and skills necessary to be successful as a leader.


Strengthen leadership skills in a targeted manner

Do you want to enable your managers to keep pace with the constantly changing and increasingly complex corporate world? To do so, personality and behavioral competencies must be continuously developed and inner resources efficiently leveraged and deployed.

Address individual resources

Through our business coaching, strengths and development needs can be developed more individually and personally than in group trainings. As a result of the combination of our diagnostic know-how and the very person-centered approach, we get a quick access to the coachee and thus impact on the development process. 

Individual method mix

Depending on the needs, the leadership coaching sessions take place in presence, remotely or in a suitable mix.

Our coaching approaches


In the solution-oriented approach, attention is always directed to the solution level. Not problems, causes and difficulties are listed and analyzed, but the desired target states. The existing resources are in the spotlight.


The cognitive-emotional approach focuses on cognitions and the associated behavior. Accordingly, dysfunctional behavior is learned and can also be unlearned. Situationally, we use video feedback, techniques from behavioral training, and self-image questionnaires.

System theoretic

The systems theory approach views the executive as an element of a complex social system, such as a department, a company. Only interventions on the level of the individual system elements ensure coaching success.



Increase agility and performance in the team

Would you like to turn your team into a high-performance team? This is only possible if, in addition to individual development, the complementary potentials in the team are also raised. In this way, you make the team more than the sum of its individuals. Successful together!

Promote entire teams and let each individual use the strengths of the other!

Developing individuals in coaching is already standard nowadays. With team development in coaching, you take the next step and effectively use the proven tool in a new context to shape your team and lead it to a new strength. Each team member does what they do best and fulfills their role in the team with increasing excellence.

Recognize conflict potential in the team, solve performance brakes!

Support your employees in managing expressed or unspoken conflicts. Our professional coaches recognize these and guide your team through the entire process. So that friction losses are minimized and high performance is made possible again!

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