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Game-like but not playing!
Let your managers experience the challenges and opportunities
of a manager first hand and personal with our customers' favorite:
... our leadership simulation!

Leadership simulation is an effective way to prepare leaders for the challenges and opportunities of leadership and to succeed in ever-changing leadership challenges. Participants will be able to increase their skills in a risk-free environment and gain valuable experience that will help them become better leaders.

Our leadership simulation is an interactive, immersive experience that offers leaders the opportunity to test and improve their skills in a realistic and safe environment. Participants assume the role of leaders in a virtual company and must make decisions, manage individual and group conflicts, and uphold their team's performance in order to lead the team to success.

Article: Human Resources

Get out of the comfort zone

Our leadership simulation is 2 or 3 days, we use video feedback if desired and ensure the practical transfer by creating individual feedback reports. The participants experience the perspective of the employees as well as that of the managers. Within a fictitious company scenario, tasks are processed and important management decisions are made, the consequences of which can be felt immediately. Feedback rounds impart knowledge and learning experiences that can be implemented immediately.

Experiencing means learning

94% of our training participants rate our leadership simulation as maximally satisfying. Numerous scientific studies show that simulations are among the learning methods with the greatest learning success. Whether you use our leadership simulation as a stand-alone module or as part of a training curriculum, it is one of the most effective methods for developing leadership skills. We offer simulation games for various industries (e.g. production, service, food and tourism) as well as for various application areas (e.g. leadership, change management and sales). Choose the business game that exactly meets your requirements and needs!

D. Graw

"The leadership simulation is the highlight of our leadership training!"

F. Wahlers

"I didn't even know what to expect, my expectations were greatly exceeded!"

S. Kühn

"This was very different from any training in a positive way. I can recommend this training to any leader!"
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