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Become a supervisor!

We are looking for supervisors (f/m/d) for an innovative blended learning concept to protect against stress-related illnesses and traumatization among civilian emergency forces.

The chance

Support emergency personnel in reducing their own risk of post-traumatic stress disorder while saving lives on a daily basis. As part of a train-the-trainer concept, you will receive exclusive training and be prepared in detail for your work as a supervisor.

For the 2-day training courses you will travel to the clients - we will of course cover the travel costs. On site you will lead the group discussions, initiate the exchange and give additional input to the learning units, which the participants will work on as e-learning modules.

Biofeedback is a central mechanism of the training. As a supervisor, you introduce the participants to the method and provide background information to maximize self-efficacy. A technician will support you on site to ensure the smooth functioning of the technology and software. Of course, you will receive an attractive salary.


Do you want to become a supervisor?

Take the chance and get a part-time job with meaning and attractive payment. You can find more information in our flyer.

The Training

The everyday life of emergency personnel such as firefighters and police is stressful and demanding. They are confronted with extraordinary situations and dramatic missions on a daily basis and are repeatedly exposed to severe physical and psychological stress during operations. In addition to horrific and life-threatening experiences, challenges of everyday guard duty also act as stressors: working on weekends, at night and on public holidays. A 2015 study by the Berlin Fire Department showed that 91% of the professional firefighters and medical rescue service personnel surveyed had already experienced at least one potentially traumatizing work situation.

Many potentially stressful situations can have a cumulative effect and lead to the development of trauma after-effects, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is not uncommon for the effects to extend beyond everyday work. Through flashbacks, sleep disturbances and avoidance behavior, they lead to considerable suffering and restrict the affected persons in their professional performance and social interaction. They change people.

The aim of the training is to strengthen the psychological resilience of emergency personnel, as this is an important protective factor in dealing with traumatic events. As part of a unique and innovative blended learning training concept, emergency forces learn how to protect themselves from PTSD. The training uses state-of-the-art techniques such as biofeedback and digital e-learning units in combination with group discussions. The 4 following elements form the basis.



Wissen schafft Bewusstsein. Es hilft, die potenziell auslösenden Situationen, aber auch die Symptome einer Traumafolgestörung bei sich und anderen zu erkennen und rechtzeitig darauf zu reagieren


Soziale Unterstützung


Die Teilnehmenden erlernen 3 verschiedene Entspannungsmethoden und üben, diese in repräsentativen Einsatzszenarien im Rahmen von E-Learning Modulen anzuwenden.

Psychosoziale Unterstützung ist ein wichtiger Faktor in der Entstehung von PTBS. Die Teilnehmenden lernen, sich Hilfe zu suchen, aber auch Hilfe zu leisten.

Die Teilnehmenden erleben Selbstwirksamkeit, indem Biofeedback objektiv sichtbar macht, wie sie induzierten Stress und ihr vegetatives Erregungsniveau durch Entspannung selbst senken.

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Are you interested?

For more information and a first get-together, please contact us by phone at +49 4022927111 or by email at Alternatively, you can contact us directly via our contact form. We are looking forward to meeting you and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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