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Tim Bierig

Düsseldorf / Bangkok

Tim Bierig has more than 25 years as an international executive and consultant on strategic and operational HR issues as well as cross-functional management topics in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

For many years he has been conducting international trainings for executives and young talents on the topics of leadership, communication, intercultural management and conflict resolution. As an executive coach and mentor, he enthusiastically accompanies younger management trainees in particular. Discovering and successfully developing global and local talents with professional diagnostics and a sure instinct spurs him on. He also supports management teams during strategy and change processes and facilitates workshops for reorganizations, M&A or strategic realignment.

His education as a fully qualified lawyer, M.B.A., certified coach and conflict mediator as well as his many years of international professional and consulting experience allow him to look at the area of tension between organization - management - employees from a variety of perspectives and thus develop solutions with his clients.

He lives with his partner in his native city of Düsseldorf and in his adopted country of Bangkok.


  • Leadership diagnostics: National and international assessment and development centers, test procedures

  • Leadership training: Leadership simulation game, leadership training (also international), intercultural management

  • Leadership coaching: business coaching, mentoring, mediator

  • Leadership management: change management, talent management, M&A, strategic realignment workshops

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