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Our company was founded in 2003 and ever since we have been active in the fields of Human Resources Development and Human Resources Management.

Our consultancy approach can be described as a holistic approach. Nevertheless, we develop instruments which enable us to ensure the development of individuals, teams and organisational units tailored to the exact needs of our clients.

Within this approach, we identify the potential of your staff, encourage motivation for change and eliminate inhibiting factors by analysing personality structures in the context of the organisational structure.

In the wide range of modern human resources development, we work as trainer, moderator, consultant and coach. We place a major importance to focus on people's needs, their potentials as well as on the successful integration of both factors into the company's strategic goals. We often work with our clients over long-term periods and offer expert advice on all questions regarding structure and content of human resources management, career advancement, development and team building, as well as long-term workforce planning and staff retention.

Peter Krumbach-Mollenhauer Thomas Lehment In the role of business and sparring partners, as well as promoters of ideas, we offer our support to executives, top-managers, and personnel experts within an organisation.

Peter Krumbach-Mollenhauer
Thomas Lehment